Our team

Dr. Mikko Kuisma is associate professor of Applied Electronics. Since 1995 his major research focus has been on analog signal processing, measurements and sensors. Mikko is project manager of the IoT team, seeking for new applications for IoT measurements and big data analysis in business and in industry.

Mikko Nykyri is a research assistant in the IoT team, especially focusing on embedded programming. Mikko is also chairman of the board of Sätky, the student association of LUT electrical engineering students, and game developer at Grove Comp.

Janne Jäppinen is a research assistant and blockchain of the IoT team. His is responsible for web programming.

Katriina Korpinen is a research assistant in the IoT team. Her task is to design hardware implementation of the sensor system. Katriina has also background in sustainable technologies.

Dr Tommi Kärkkäinen is a specialist in using acoustic emissions in early warning of failures. He is especially interested in measurement technology, and applications related to safety, security and reliability.

Professor Pertti Silventoinen is head of the laboratory of applied electronics.  He has a long history in the field of applied electronics, especially in power electronics.

Laboratory of Applied Electronics is part of School of Energy Systems at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). Our laboratory has been active since 1971 and have long history on electronics control systems, measurements and instrumentation, EMC and various applications in power electronics.

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